May 8, 2016

Geek Ballerina revival ♡

Hi gals! Here is the new template of my blog! I was very tired of the previous one and I need some fresh air. Something funnier, colorful and inspired from my Japan trip. I hope you will like this new version!

A big thank you to my dear Nini and Nathalie for their help!! It's high time for me to learn how to use Photoshop...

I added some new buttons on the right sidebar, to help you find my "hot topics". BTW, a new post about my Japan trip is coming very soon!

I also created a new page to gather all the Gal VIP issues (RIP), because it's like the Bible for the gaijin gyaru community! ;)

Don't hesitate to tell me what you wanna see on my blog. I will be glad to make you happy! So, see you very soon dolls! 

Get wild and be sexy



Nissah Beauty said...

omgg j'aime beaucoup =) =) bisous

Lizzie ♥ said...

J'aime beaucoup de ton nouveau style! Particulierment le dessin *3*

Ly☆ said...

@Nissah Beauty : Merci beaucoup ma belle! Gros bisous!

@Lizzie : Merci beaucoup sweetie! J'aime beaucoup la chibi gyaru aussi, Nathalie est très douée pour le graphisme! <3