Oct 12, 2013

♔ It's my Bday! ♔

Today it's my Bday ! Yay, I'm old but who cares? I'm not really the queen of the day though, because I'm at my little Astralys' wedding!!  Isn't it the best way to celebrate a birthday??

I'm planning to do a super review about Tokyo Crazy Kawaii. I have so much things to tell you and so much pics to select! But I'm working on it, so please be a little more patient!

See you soon dolls!


Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

Happy Birthday to you and happy wedding to Astralys~! ^^

Melle Racha said...

joyeux anniversaire et happy wedding pour la reine du jour aka astralys ^^

moeri's story said...

Joyeux anniversaire ma belle!! J'ai hate de voir des photos du mariage de la belle Nini!! :)


Emily said...

Your blog is so cute hehe, the bride looks especially beautiful^-^

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