Sep 15, 2013

[Sponsor] The Dolly Eye - Jewel Lenses

Hi gals! Sorry for the lack of news. Between my new job, my jogging session (to recover a slim body) and my para-para trainings, I'm so BUSY!!! And in one week, we will be in Tokyo Crazy Kawaii, and NO, I won't show you my outfit for the convention today, 'cause I didn't find it yet (so serious worries!lol). No, today, I want to talk about my new sponsor : the Dolly Eye, who kindly sent me a pair of circle lenses. So here is my review!

Jewel lens - Blue

 Diameter : 15.0mm
 Water Content : 38%
 Base Curve : 8.6mm
➜ 3 months contact lenses

☆ Design
Blue lenses!! I always wanted to try blue lenses! These ones are not really inconspicuous though, as they are really bright. You need to have a heavy make up in order not to look like freak! lol I regret the bold color, because I think a gradient one would be better : I have hazel eyes, so my natural color pops out very clearly. 

☆ Enlargement
These lenses are 15.0mm diameter : just the perfect size to have dolly eyes (more would be too much)! It makes me feels like a manga character too, because of the bright color.

☆ Comfort
Nothing to say, they are really confortable! I have very sensible eyes, that means every lens can hurt me, depend on when I wear them (if I'm tired for example), but I didn't have trouble with these ones yet! ^^

☆ My opinion ☆
At first glance, I though "OMG, they are so unnatural!" And then, I tried them with my smokey make-up and, well, I changed my mind... ;) I love my blue eyes!

What do you think guys??

Check out for more unique designs!!


SteamFairy said...

You look so great with those lenses :3
They are really bright!
love your eye makeup

Ly☆ said...

@SteamFairy : Thank you for this kind comment! See you soon! xoxo

Ryo said...

*operation suicide*

Trop mignonne ! Mais ça tu le sais !

Nagareboshi said...

Love, love, love the eyes!!!

Astralys Alias Nini said...

*Nini la tricheuse qui a déjà vu la photo mouwawawa*

Tu sais à quel point, je te l'ai déjà dis, les yeux bleus c'est juste sublime sur toi.
Surtout que ce bleu, c'est flash ! On voit que ça !!

J'adore te voir avec ces jolies yeux. J'ai juste envie de te faire un poutoux !! <3 <3

Ly☆ said...

@Ryo : Ce serait vraiment bête de passer l'arme à gauche pour si peu, franchement! Mais merci quand même ma belle! ^^

@Nagareboshi : Thank you very much dear!

@Astralys : Merci ma roussinette, tu es trop chou!! Je te ferai bien un poutous moi aussi...vivement vendredi!^^

kathygomez said...

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Agnès said...

Superbe couleur, j'adore

moeri's story said...

Tu es magnifique!!!!

lillian Booth said...

Looking pretty. The lighter section around the pupil and the darker outer ring are both designed to highlight and sharpen the look of your eyes creating a beautiful. I am using Acuvue Natural Shine and suggest to use this to all.