Sep 18, 2016

Gyaru bible : Ageha october scans

Hi dollies I received the latest issue from Koakuma Ageha...and it's pretty cool! That's not the return of old school gyaru style, but you can find some great inspiration, mostly onee gyaru. There are a lot of pages dedicated to DaTuRa and Emiria Wiz new collections. Sakurina is stunning as always, and I love her rock style outfits (even if they are quite simple)!

You can buy your physical copy  HERE  

Sneak peek... *pic heavy*


Definitively my favourite page : heels, heels, heels And a cute bomber.

And the Halloween part! So many cute costumes and cosplays!

Did you like this issue? What do you think about it? 

See you soon dolls! More things to come on GeekB! ^^


Ophelia of Harts said...

Ohhh Sakurina is just goals, I love her style and how it's developed. I love when the mags do the halloween edit, a little small taste of the past.

aimikyoto said...

Woah I've been finding for this issue for ages! Thank you so much for these scans :D <3

Agepoyo [あげぽよ] said...

Ce ageha était excellent, j'adore la partie Halloween. Ce qui me ferait trop envie ce serait d'assister à cette soirée Halloween à Shibuya. C'est un gros moment de vie au Japon. (on pue des fesses de ce coté là)

Gros Poutoux <3

Ly☆ said...

@Ophelia of Harts : Yes, you're right! Their Halloween parts always remind me the good old times! :) Sakurina is a real fashion goddess! ^^ Thanks for your comment sweetie!

@Aimikyoto : You're welcome dear! xoxo

@Agepoyo : Aller, on se casse au Japon pour Halloween! Viens, on prend l'avion demain!!!! ^^

Lily Chanel said...

Merci pour les scans. En manque de magazines gal, je regardais le blog cherrypop gyaur et quand j'ai regardé les scans de ton article j'avais l'impression de voir un ancien numéro de koakuma ageha. La mode n'a pas du tout changé depuis 2010 c'est chaud quand même!