Jan 2, 2014

Happy new year! ☆彡

Hi dolls! First of all, I wish you a happy new year!! May 2014 brings you loads of happiness and surprises!! What are your resolutions for this year?? Here are mines :

- be happier in my personnal and professionnal life
- plan our travel to Japan
- loose a little more weight
- improve in my gyaru style
- make some gyaru projects and seize a lot of opportunities

And my 2013's best moments?


I had the big chance to record the 9th episode of Kawaii International with my lovelies Astralys and Na-cha! This was a big event for us, to share our passion and to discuss with beautiful and dokumos! Astralys & Na-cha are not only gyarus, but they are my true friends. ("insomniac gyaru team bear represent"! )
You can read my report here : 1 2 3
(thanks Astralys for the gif!)

JULY 2013

I was selected to be member of the first french gal-unit : Diamant Rose! We became Reborn a few months after. Through this gal unit, I met some very sweet girls and we had the possibility to do amazing things...you can see below!
You can see my entry here.


As a gal unit, we collaborated with the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii convention, in Paris! It was a very good experience : we met the Black Diamond, we did a ParaPara show with them, we could buy gyaru clothes, make purikura, and meet a lot of amazing girls!
You can see my report here : 1 2 3


The 12th, it was my birthday...but also my sweetie Astralys' wedding! I alsmost cried when I saw her in her wonderful dress, she was gorgeous! The wedding was beautiful. And I also had the chance to have my friends singing for me "Born this way" for my Bday!
You can see my entry here.

And for the first time, I made my Gyaru Improvement Meme for 2013. What do you think about that? I wish I improve a lot more in 2014. 

See you very soon gals! I planned to buy some gyaru stuff soon (like a fukubukuro), so I will have new things to share with you! 


☆みか☆ said...

Bonne année !
J'espère que 2014 sera meilleure que cette année et qu'avec REBORN on continueras pleins de choses ensemble~

j'espère qu'on se reverras bientôt!

Ly☆ said...

@☆みか☆ : Merci bcp misstinguette, bonne année à toi également! J'espère aussi que nous pourrons mener encore plein de super projets avec le gal unit! Je te dis à très bientôt Mika, gros bisous!!

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru said...

Ma belette <3,

Je me lasse pas de cette année passé ensemble, on a vécu tellement de beau moments ! J’espère que 2014 sera placé sous le même signe, la team insomniac gyaru team bear always here !

Ne l'oublions pas, nous sommes éternelle !

Gros Bisous et vendredi prochaiiiiiiinnn pour de nouvelles aventures ! <3 <3

DeVs said...

hello miss je viens de decouvrir ton blog
je suis etonné de voir tout ca des gals francaises c cool

j'ai vecu a tokyo pendant quelques années je n'ai pas eu trop l'occasion de rencontre des french girls dommage

bref je vais repasser ici
voici mon lien


bonne continuation miss


moeri's story said...

Bonne année ma belle!!
Super article encore une fois avec de superbes photos!
T'es canon :)