Oct 1, 2010

Ayu - L

Hi gals! Today, I would like to talk about my last music crush. I know Ayumi Hamasaki since 4 years now and she suddenly became my favourite singer! Despite of being a fan, I can be discerning. So, here is my music critic about her last maxi-single : L.

L is a anniversary single, because it's the 50th single of her career!
3 news songs, but not 3 bombs! The first, Sweet Season is a ballad. I don't like ballads very much, except for some like Jewel, momentum, Together When or Heaven. So this song is really dull, sounds like a summer song, very commercial. Sweet but not awesome...boring! 

Fortunately, here comes Virgin Road. A ballad, yes, but a beautiful one! The instrumental is wonderful. The more Ayu sings, the richer becomes the song. With a voice full of emotion, Ayu shows us she's still the queen of Jpop, even though she's deaf in one ear!

And the last song, Last Angel, is a jewel! I'm totally in love with it! It reminds me Ayu's smash hits, between LOVEppears and I am periods : trance like Fly high or connected, light like Surreal or I am. Her voice is neither too loud, nor too high, and once again we feel emotion, great job Ayu!!

If you don't what I'm talking about, you can find this single here! (you can also support the artist by buying her CD's, for example here) Hope you like it! Feel free to say what you think about it!

And a recent outfit for shopping. I think 2 belts in the same outfit are cool! I wear long socks with strass and ribbons and my pullover also have strass on the back (bad pic but you can see it on the 3rd picture). I love strass.
pullover : Guess
skirt : Jennyfer
belts : Le Temps des Cerises, and a off-brand one
long socks : Jennyfer
boots : off brand
jacket : Guess

See you soon gals! Several posts to come!

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Little Twinkling Star said...

Ahhh, faut que j'écoute ce nouveau single !! :D La pochette est très belle en tout cas :)
You're still so cute miss <3