Feb 7, 2015

Shopping review : Tokyo Corner

Hi dolls Winter sales are almost over. Are you as frustrated as I am? Well, I know where you can spend your last coins!

Tokyo Corner is an online shop, based in Shibuya, where you can find brands like Kokokim, Galaxxxy, ChuChu, Esperanza, Ma*rs, Fig&Viper and some others! Finally burandou clothes that we western gals can buy without shopping services or other expensive methods!!

And here is a sample of what you can find on this webshop! Interesting, ne?

I know, I only selected pink and black items...don't know why... ;)

I chose Galeo clothes (which were out of stock after all) and a lovely Ma*rs belt I was looking for for a while (but out of stock everywhere)!

 The prices are reasonnable for japanese brands and most of the items are on sale! Plus : you can have a special discount code thanks to Gal VIP, so it becomes really interesting!

 The staff is really competent, professionnal and nice. I had some issues during my order : they were very reactive and found me a solution very quickly! I never saw that before!

 About the shipping method, they use EMS, so that you receive your parcel very fast. It took me a little week to have my belt. On top of that, they offer free shipping on orders above ¥15.000! And if you're not happy with your order, you can return it within 28 days to have a refund. Did I say they were professional?

About the belt? Well, it's beautiful, I love it! I didn't do any outfit with it yet, and because I'm sick, I won't make an effort. But I can promise this belt is wonderful even with a simple skinny jean!

So, what you're waiting for??  Here is your discount code, you know what to do now! And don't forget to vote for the brand you would like to find on the webshop (on main page).
I have others things to share with you, but I'm so sick and tired for now! It's time for me to go back to my bed, with a good movie and a hot tea! See you soon gals!


Ginger Gaijin Gyaru said...

Je suis tellement triste qu'il n'y a plus rien de chez Galeo à commander =( sur le site. En tout cas, ils ont été super réglo avec cette histoire de fou pour cette veste.

J’espère qu'ils vont développer leurs collection héhé ! Cette ceinture est magnifique et puis ta sélection, je l'approuve à 100% (si seulement j'avais pas de grosse fesse, je sautera sur la jupe mars noir)

Je te fais de gros bisous, prend soin de toi <3 <3 Je t'aime foooort

MewMew Nyu said...

J'ai une petite question. Y'a t-il des frais de douanes à payer ? C'pour voir si je pourrais faire des folies. :3