Sunday, August 24, 2014

Inspiration : retro gyaru style

Hi dolls! During my last trip in Paris, I found some old gyaru magazines. Do you know Kilala? It was an hime gyaru magazine. The issue I bought was edited in 2008.
As I'm a nostalgic of "retro" gyaru fashion, I really liked what I saw in Kilala. I would say it's a mix between Egg and Ageha styles. Outfits are colorful, with touches of JSG or ma*rs inspiration, hair is puffy, makeup is heavier than nowadays. I think this magazine really inspiring! What about you?

(don't worry, that's better inside! >_<)

Soon on the blog : Kawaii.i prize review! Stay tuned! ^^


Lizzie ♥ said...

Oooh I haven't heard of this magazine before! I love their hairstyles :D

Ly☆ said...

@Lizzie ♥ : Me neither, I didn't heard about this magazine until this summer! Too bad it no longer exists! xoxo

Floriane said...

Regrettable cette époque où les gyarus étaient bien plus colorées et stylées. Rien ne nous empêche de continuer à nous en inspirer même si ce n'est plus à la mode on s'en fiche ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Toujours fidèle à ton joli blog... un peu d'Asie et de nipponeries nous fait du bien !

Abbie said...

I remember seeing scans of this magazine online a long time ago! I love this style of Gyaru it will always be my favorite!

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru said...

J'adore ! Tu as trouvé de vrais pépites à Paris. J'ai tellement de plaisir de voir ces scans, et le Betty que tu m'as envoyé avec le CD.... Une merveille <3

Je t'aime fort <3