Jul 16, 2013

♡【Diamant Rose】the french GAL UNIT! ♡

Hi gurlz!! That's official : I'm on holidays for 3 weeks! I took the train to come back to my hunny's place (as I live 650km from him now, because of my job T_T). And tomorrow, we'll fly to corsica island!! So happy!!! Playaaaaaa, here I am!

Before that, meet Diamant Rose, the first french gal circle, created by the cute Myriam! The goal is to gather the most influent french gals and promote gaijin gyaru culture. As a member, you can take part to events such as meetings or defiles. And you can have a VIP access to the future gyaru webshop, located in France!! Anna will be the buyer for the webshop : she will buy brands like d.i.a., tutuHA or Ma*rs, directly from Shibuya!

The gal unit was recruting the first generation until last sunday. I applied...hope I will be selected! Even if I'm not selected, I'm glad that France will have it's first gal circle and it's really inspiring. Here are my pics for my registration file BTW :

top : d.i.a.; skirt : Pimkie ; shoes : New Look ; belts : Morgan & DIY with a Ma*rs cross

FOTD : heavy makeup

Before leaving : july wishlist! I ordered tutuHA vest and googles and I'm dealing for the skirt. You can see all that on a future entry! See you soon gals!


Candy Kunieda said...

omg omg omg i really fall in love with your cl! <3

Ly☆ said...

@Candy Kunieda : Thanks! I'm glad you like it! ^^

Ryo said...

Je te mangerai! Tu es superbe sur la premiere photo!

Ly☆ said...

@Ryo : Merci ma belle, mais...tu commences à me faire peur!! lol

Ryo said...

Haha !

MDRRRRRRR ♥ Tu sais que je ne mange personne x'D.

Quoique... il y a un début à tout ♥

Ly☆ said...

@Ryo : Euh...sécurité????

Galily Ks said...

omg mais tu es trop canon !!! <3

Ly☆ said...

@Galily Ks : Je te retourne le compliment ma chère!!