Jun 23, 2013


Hi gals! So much things are changing in my life since several weeks! Everything started a month ago, when I got my promotion after an interview with my big boss in Paris! I'm going to have a better job, more responsibilities and more opportunities!!! But (there's always a BUT), I have to leave my region! I'm moving to brittany next week, I'm both so sad and excited (*bipolar inside*)! I don't know when I'll get wifi, but I planned a couple of blog entries for you to wait my return!

So that's how my life looked like during these past few weeks...

I received the grail! Ageha perfect eyemake is THE gyaru bible! And for those who don't have it yet, this blog post will be really helpful!

 Japanese lunch time in front of the "miroir d'eau" (the water miror)! I'll miss my city!

I made a picnic to say goodbye to my friends. One of them offered me a Pandora charm to remember our study years! So cute, there's a heart and the word "study" on the other side.

Another friend gave me a cute and girly vanity. And pink of course! I love it!

My colleagues know me very well (even if I don't use much makeup at work), they offered me a MAC gift card for my departure! Like my friends, I already miss them!

I went to a delicious italian restaurant with my hunny. After the lasagnas, I wasn't hungry anymore, but...well...it's a vacherin, you understand?

Sneak peek of the tutuHA hoodie I made! You'll have a tutorial in the next entry...and that's gonna be very soon!

I'm leaving you now gals, I still have some clothes to pack (OMG I will never have enough space in my luggage!). Wish me luck for my journey!


Floriane said...

Bonne chance pour tes futurs beaux projets, que de grands changements, ça doit faire peur et en même temps c'est motivant pour ton avenir ! J'espère que tu continueras de nous donner de tes news et que tu poursuivras le style gyaru ! Bisous !

Ly☆ said...

@Floriane : Merci pour ton gentil message! Je suis bien arrivée en terre bretonne te tout va pour le mieux! Changer de région ne me fera pas quitter la mode gyaru pour autant, donc "I'll be back"!^^ Gros poutou ma belle!