Jun 26, 2013

☠ DIY : Glavil by tutuHA hoodie ✞

Hi gals! Us, western gals, have loads of problems to buy gayru clothes : no online shops, pricey clothes when you use a deputy service etc... What if we do our own gyaru inspired clothes? With this entry, I'll show you how to make a Glavil/tutuHA hoodie. Let's go!


First of all, you have to analyse hot points in Glavil by tutuHA brand. About the hoodie, you can notice silver zipper, small patern all over the fabric and sequined lining into the hood.


(all the brands I used are optional, but I give you links to buy the same if you want)
fabric marker in black (optional, depend on your hoodie, you can see below)
glue transfer for fabrics (I use it for glitter)
 adhesive stencils (skulls, wings, stars, hearts, whatever you like!)
glitter (I only use the smallest pot, a beautiful pink cherry colour with holografic effect)
red fabric with sequins (and of course, thread and needle)
+ thread and needle

And for the hoodie, I bought a simple sport hoodie from H&M, they are pretty good quality and affordable. The only con is that they have silver zipper (good) with white fabric (baaad). So this is why I used a fabric marker.


 Use the fabric marker to color the white fabric, so only the silver zipper will be noticeable.

 Choose the location you want to put your stencils on. Here, I chose wings for the back of the hoodie. I also placed heart & bones stencil on the wrists and little stars on the pockets.

 Uniformly, spread out the glue on the stencil (without exceeding!).

 You can now remove the stencil and sprinkle glitter generously.

 Iron your pattern (medium high heat, without steam), during 1 min. But before that, place a greaseproof paper between the glitter and the iron.

 Once the pattern is cold, blow the extra glitter. Now you can reproduce these steps as long as you want  more patterns on your hoodie!

 Time to make the hood lining! Return the hoodie and draw the hood shape on a grease proof paper. Cut two pieces of red fabric with this shape. Sew them together to reproduce the hood. (Sorry, I can't do a proper tutorial to explain that, since I'm a beginner in sewing. Please, go and watch tutorials on youtube.)

 Sew the lining inside the hoodie, making an hem all around. As the previous step, go to youtube if my explanations are not clear enougth (and sorry!)

And...VOILA! You finished your Glavil/tutuHA style hoodie! You also can do d.i.a. style one, like the one I made a year ago.

As you can see on the last pic, I made a tutuHA like beanie! I bought a simple cat earred beanie on ebay and I added some square studs...so much cheaper than a real one!!

Hope you liked my tutorial! If so, please leave me a comment! I did it for you (with love), so please, be nice and do not reproduce without crediting! Thank you very much!

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Astralys Alias Nini said...

Woaw ! Même double woaw ! Tu as fait un travail fantastique ma poupette. Je suis fan de ton travail, on dirait vraiment du TutuHa. Je suis épatée. Le bonnet il manque l'étiquette et c'est bon tu le vends comme tel xD...
Superbe travail <3 <3, je vais partager ce tutoriel topimoumoutte ! <3 <3

[Je vais même te piquer la photo et le lien pour reblog sur le tumblr <3 ghiahahahaha]

Melle Racha said...

je dirais meme plus triple whoaaa ! franchement magnifique tutoriel et de supers bonnes idées de customisation !

bonne journée ! :)

Abbie said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I hope you make more in the future!

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

Woah ! This is so great ! :3 I hope I can make a similar one in the nearest future , too bad that I`m not so good at sewing ;.;. Thank you for this amazing tutorial ! <3

bouncybrown said...

You are so creative! Very smart!!!
and the hoodie looks adorable!

Akei said...

wow, i just LOVED the tutorial <3
so simple and creative, i'll try someday ^-^


Ly☆ said...

@Astralys : Merci ma choupinette, ça me touche beaucoup ce que tu me dis!! Pour le bonnet, je me suis fait la même réflexion pour l'étiquette! Pour un investissement de 6€ le bonnet, c'est rentable!^^ Merci pour la publicité ma belle, tu es un ange! <3

@Mlle Racha : Wooowww je suis flattée par tant de compliments! Merci infiniment ma belle!

@Abbie : Thanks for your compliments! I'll try my best to make more tutorials, if I have enougth time. <3

@Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka : You're welcome doll! You know, I'm not so good at sewing too, but I tried and the result is quite good. The more you'll try, the better the result will be!

@bouncybrown : Aww thank you girl, it's really kind of you!

@Akei : Thank you for your compliment! If you try to do it, please can you tell me?