Jun 22, 2012

Not dead, just busy! ☆ミ


Hey gals! Sorry for the absence, I spent 2 weeks in training in Britanny. It was really great and I've made many new friends! I've to admit I'm a little depressed to be back to home...
Thank you for all your comments on my previous post I'm so glad (and so surprised) you like my d.i.a. inspired hoodie! So...I decided to do a tutorial a.s.a.p! For now I'm too busy for that, but I'll try next month!

No gyaru things to show you, as I couldn't dress up like that during these 2 weeks! But I went to Paris with my friend Lucie, we ate at Aki's (a tasteful okonomiyaki restaurant), I bought the last Egg and we did some purikuras at Manga Café v2!  
We had a lot of fun doing these shoots, because we had to take really quick poses! But purikuras are wonderful invention : you always look great!^^ And the paper is beautiful, with cute holographic cut-ins.


I have several entries to do, like my gyaru order I received a month ago. I'll try to do it asap, I promise!
To finish, because it's music day tonight in France, here is the amazing new video clip from Katy Perry :


→ d.i.a. spam
→ Gyaru order review <3
DIY d.i.a. hoodie : tutorial


Anna Brain said...

Wonderful song!! <3

Lizzy Kong said...

I understand XD im really busy too u.u

♔ Intuition ♫ MagicDrag ♔ said...

everyone is busy lately...love ur blog so much :3 promise to visit u frequently from now onwards ^^

Twin Star said...

Ohhh, je ne connaissais pas cet autre purikura à Paris !! Il faut absolument que j'y aille :D

Moi aussi j'adore le nouveau clip de Katy Perry !!