Sep 21, 2010

New day, new season, new blog!

Welcome everyone to my new blog! 
Some of you may have follow my old one and I thank them to be still there!
Why this blog? Well, new life for me soon (end of my higher education), so I need something new! Here I want to talk about what I : fashion, gals, Japan, but also my crushes, my creations...

I've created the background and the header, but I know it's not perfect! I would like to make a bling bling header with a picture and my logo. But I'll do it when I improve in photoshop!
I'll try to write in english even if I stopped english lessons since I left high school. So be kind with me, I probably make mistakes! 

I hope you will like my blog and you will follow it! See you soon guys! V(*u*)V

1 comment:

im-growing said...

Coucou ma chérie ! Bravo pour ce nouveau blog, c'est doux et ça respire le rêve :) Ça reste simple pour l'instant mais j'attends de voir tes progrès avec Photoshop :D
En tout cas, compte sur moi pour te rester fidèle ^^ Je passerai régulièrement ici et je vais ajouter le lien sur mon blog.
Bonne continuation, mets-en nous plein les yeux *_* Gros gros bisous, je t'adooore !!