Jul 14, 2014

☆ I'm a Propsective Kawaii Leader! ☆

Hi dolls! Just one thing to say : OMG!!! Remember the Kawaii.i contest some weeks ago? Well, I'm one of the winners! I wasn't selected because of the number of my votes (thank you anyways to all the people who voted for me, you're great!!!^^), but I won a "Kawaii Brand Prize" from Ghost of Harlem! I can't believe it!!

What Kawaii.i said about me :
"She lives in France and loves GAL fashion. She has strong eye make ups and portrayed well to the image of the brand." 
And congrats to the other girls who won a prize, especially Charlotte Hompe, the lovely gyaru who is also a model for Gal VIP 
Thank you Kawaii.i for this amazing surprise! You made my day!! 

Obviously, I'll do a review about my prize! I have plenty of other things to share with you, about my holidays and gyaru stuff... Soooooo stay tuned, please! See you soon! xoxo


Ryo said...

Congrats ma Belle ♥

Floriane said...

OMG bravo bravo c'est amplement mérité ! Je vous adore vous le petit groupe de BBG (Blondie, Brunette et Ginger), vs êtes les meilleures gals françaises à mes yeux ! Bisous et encore félicitations, trop contente pour toi !

Anonymous said...

toutes mes félicitations ! ♥

Ly☆ said...

@Ryo : Merci beaucoup copine! Il me tarde d'avoir de tes news! Gros bisous!!

@Floriane : Awww, merci infiniment sweetie, ton message me touche beaucoup beaucoup! Gros bisous!

@Sandy Ltz : Merci beaucoup miss! Bisous!