May 8, 2012

Geek Ballerina first giveaway : 150+ followers!!

Hi gals! I want to thank you for your visits. I'm so proud to reach the  
150+ followers!! 
So here's my first giveaway, hope you'll like it and you'll be a lot to join!

The prices in detail :
♔ pink cristalized heart earphones
♔ OPI Pink shatter & Nicky Minaj Superbass shatter
♔ wings earrings (a must have!)
♔ Diamond Lash : 1 pair of upper (Celeb eye) and lower (Cool eye) lashes
♔ cristal white sparkling gloss
♔ bling bling handmade rokku ring
+ beauty samples

How to enter : 
You have to follow these two rules :  
→ You must be a public follower of my blog - Enter your GFC Nickname (+4)
→ You must reblog this Giveaway on your own blog - Give me the link (+2)

4 more chances to win? You can :
→ Place this Giveaway on your blog side - Give me the link (+2)
→ Publish on your Twitter - Give me the link (+1)
→ Publish on your Tumblr - Give me the link (+1)

My Giveaway will end on July 14th and it's opened internationaly
Good luck to everyone!^^


Lily. said...

Tu mérites amplement tous tes followers, et je t'en souhaite encore d'avantage ! J'adore ton blog, alors je participerai à ton giveaway, dès que je peux je te consacre un article sur mon blog :)
Gros bisous Ly !

Laura-May said...

c'est un super giveaway :) j'adore!

ℒ. said...

That ring! I'm in love with it.
(* ^ *)''

Candy Sue Von Diamond said...

Salut! J'adore ton blog!!! :D
Mes felicitacions!

Sarah said...


CandyFloss said...

Je crois que je l'avais déjà dit, mais elles sont mignones ces boucles d'oreilles *_* Les oreillettes aussi!

En tout cas, bravo pour tes + de 150 followers!Et du coup, merki pour ce giveaway
Bonne continuation :)

*Candycane* said...

Just to be polite: I'm afraid I entered twice. My connection was a little fuc*ed up and told me I had 0/10 entries; as I was not able to log in my facebook account I used my E-mail, and tried to enter again posting my twitter and tumblr link. When I came back home I noticed that I already have 10/10 entries, so if you notice more than regular 10 entries I'm sorry: It was a mistake.

Hope to win Your GA! <3 so lovely stufffff <3

IsseScream said...

Really Lovely!!!! *---* the earrings are Beautiful!! <3<3
Can I will Still participate if I'm From South America? O.o Because I need it xD
Bye~ XoXo

Ly☆ said...

Thank you very much for all your entries! I'm glad you enjoy the prices!

@*Candycane* : Don't worry, I double checked and you didn't entered twice!^^

@IsseScream : Yes sure! As I said, it's opened worldwide!!^^

Ítala Nascimento said...

I loved your blog! Is so cute!
I'm hoping to win this giveaway!
Ah! You can also follow my blog?

Ines said...

(i am your new public follower)

please follow me back:)


Ines said...

(i am your new public follower)

please follow me back:)


Krysta Rivera said...

Love the earphones... I'm also doing my first giveaway. I hope you could drop by and join...

whitewallet04 said...

just entered! :)
TWitter: TheFollower04

Ítala Nascimento said...

I forgot to put my GFC
My GFC is Ítala Nascimento (Ítala)
Thank you for to follow my blog!
*w*)/ Bye~*

OhmyBijou said...

J'aime bien ton giveaway, je tente ma chance x)

Vânia Pereira said...


Rincewind99 said...

Great giveaway!

Clarisse Litiatco said...

Oh my i love the giveaway!!!


Nail art? Artworks? Beauty? Giveaway?

Click HERE to go to my site!

Loredana said...

enter me please!
gfc: Loredana

piukina said...

entered thanks ^^

GFC Francesca Scirpoli

Nessaworld said...

Following the blog but disregard my subscription because I do not understand any English. Sorry

asumanasuyum said...

GFC Nickname: asumanasuyum (+4)
Twitter: (+1)

1236A said...

We followed your blog and in our blog is your giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Joined and followed your blog. I
love the earphones. Hope I win. Thank you for your awesome giveaway. :)

Natalie Peploe said...

Wow, thankyou so much for the giveaway. The prizes are amazing and I hope my luck is in with this one :).

Good luck everyone! xxx

DrPoisonIvyBeautyBlog said...

hope to win :)

Chicca said...

Chicca Tamburrino


THANKS!!! ^_^

caty said...

Caterina mariposina
gfc: catymariposina :)

Loredana said...

enter me please!
gfc: Loredana

Mimy Shop said...

Gfc Mimy Shop
share fb
e mail
Thank you for the giveaway!

Rinnie said...

I didn't add this to my blog for a long time because I hated having to post it actually in my blog (my Giveaway sidebar is prominent enough), but I caved and added it in my latest entry! I hope my readers enjoy your blog. ^^ Good luck, everyone!

timafeyka said...
Thank you!

Настя said...

all done)